About us

Our aim is for the industry to own, manage, share and develop a common data standard in financial services and beyond, through the creation and maintenance of data points in the GLML Taxonomy.

Foundation founding participants includes leading law firms, banks and market infrastructure in capital markets since inception back in 2019, then known as the GLML Consortium.

GLML was first developed in 2017 as a response to the need for providing tools to lawyers to make their own documentation machine readable and executable without needing to learn how to code. Since then GLML has gained momentum in the creation of the GLML Taxonomy, User Guide and MS Word Plugin.

The GLML Foundation was incorporated as a not-for-profit entity in 2021. Initially the foundation was known as the GLML Consortium with industry led meetings held in 2019 and 2020. Each session drew participants with a global and market wide reach, including law firms, banks, clearing houses and technology providers.

The work of the GLML Foundation is done through working groups consisting of various market participants. An aim of the GLML Foundation is to ensure involvement of different stakeholders to capture the needs and requirements of the various market participants irrespective of sector.

GLML Foundation Participants

Foundation Chair