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Webinar: GLML Foundation Workshop: Aligning with Industry Standards and Taxonomies, and Defining Structured Data for Downstream Processes 2022 09 23

The capital markets suffer from data fragmentation and lack a common market data standard. The GLML Foundation seeks to align with these standards whilst ensuring that the GLML Mark-up and Taxonomy continue to be developed to address the need of having a simple and easy way for lawyers to structure legal documents to be machine readable without needing to learn about programming or complex mark-up languages.

Downstream transaction parties are key to define which data points are needed in order to ensure that each party receives the structured data they need to reduce manual processing effort and increase efficiency.

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Webinar: GLML Foundation Workshop: Inserting GLML in documentation 2021 07 21

This workshop demonstrates how lawyers and other non-pragrammers can input GLML Syntax into legal documentation to make the documentation machine readable.

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