Legal Disclaimers

General purpose Legal Mark-up Language (“GLML”) is an open language used to “mark-up” contractual documentation in such a way so as to make the underlying documentation machine readable. The GLML Foundation makes no representations as to (i) the accuracy or completeness of any documentation produced as part of the document automation process (such process including but not limited to the marking-up process, the integration of the marked-up document with any relevant technology, and the rendering or production of any such document following user input on a relevant document’s terms); (ii) whether the GLML implemented on a particular document has been applied in an accurate manner; (iii) relevant technology at all times being available to implement the automation process and (iv) the ability of any documents produced by any relevant technology to integrate with your own internal systems. Further, any errors in the marking-up process, as well as any inherent deficiencies in the GLML protocol, may lead to inaccuracies in the documentation produced. We are not responsible for, and accept no responsibility in respect of, such errors and/or deficiencies. We are not able to, and do not, review any documentation produced during or following the marking-up process for accuracy of any kind (including legal). You enter into any such document at your own risk, and we bear no responsibility for any dispute arising from any such document entered into. You should obtain legal advice before entering into any document rendered by, downloaded from, or in any way produced by, any relevant technology. For the avoidance of doubt, we disclaim all liability howsoever arising from documents produced by any relevant technology and/or your use or attempted use of GLML and we shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever arising from your entering into or not entering into the same.

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